Fortnite Christmas Gifts for Adults & Kids

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Hard to believe that Fortnite’s popularity is still going strong after all this time. This free to play game, which seems to get even cooler with each new update, is beloved by both kid and adult gamers alike. To help making holiday shopping easier we rounded up the best Christmas gifts for a Fortnite fan.

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Fortnite Christmas Gifts for Adults and Teens

All I Want For Christmas Ugly Sweater Shirt

Ugly sweaters are one of my favourite ideas for Christmas gifts so of course I’m going to include a Fortnite inspired gaming one on this list. Anyone who plays online team based games knows it’s true; a good teammate is a must.

Elite Controller

Nothing makes gaming more fun like a good quality controller. This one is perfect for Xbox or PC Fortnite gamers who are due for a replacement or upgrade.

Marshmallow Hat

Low profile Fortnite merch is one of the best gifts you can give an adult gamer for Christmas! It’s cool, but also practical and trendy so they won’t mind wearing it out of the house.

Fortnite Journal

I’m not sure if this is for kids or adults but I think it would be a great place to keep todo lists or other important information.

Llama Pillow

Gotta decorate the house, right? This throw pillow would be great in the living room, den, bedroom, or as a home office accessory.

Vbucks Christmas Tree Ornament

Christmas tree ornaments are perfect holiday gifts and stocking stuffers. This one is a recreation of the V bucks symbol (the in-game currency used in Fortnite.)

Drift Collectible Figure

Collectible figures aren’t just for kids! This one is well made and would look cool on a desk or in a display cabinet.

Gaming Chair

Gotta be comfy while you play Fortnite! If you’re looking for a big gift idea for an adult gamer, office accessories are always a hit.

Peely T-Shirt

Peely is one of the memeworthy characters in Fortnite. This shirt is a little more adult than the usual Fortnite merch and a perfect idea for Christmas gift giving!

Boogie Bomb

This is another amazing creation from an Etsy seller! It looks like a grenade, but once activated this Boogie Bomb “attacks” with a disco light show (just like in the game!)

Profile Backpack

These backpacks are actually really nice! There’s a few styles and characters to choose from, so grab the bag your Fortnite fan will like best. Perfect for taking to work or carrying gamer gear to hang with friends.

Drift Cosplay Mask

This is a super cool recreation of Drift’s mask from Fortnite. Made for adults, it’s a great addition to cosplay collections or novelty to wear on stream.

Personalized Chug Jug

These would be good for kids too but I think the novelty will be appreciated more by adult Fortnite fans. Add their name so there’s no confusion over whose Chug Jug they’re drinking from.

Fortnite Keychain

Keys will be a little bit harder to lose with this rubber Fortnite keychain. Perfect for a stocking stuffer idea!

Personalized Gamertag Sign

These are super cool! The seller customizes these lights to display their gamertag or Twitch username. Plus they light up in fun gamer light colours!

I Love My Wife T-Shirt

It seems like a nice shirt at a glance, but with a closer look you’ll see there’s a bit of hidden text there… Anyway, it’s a great gift idea for a gamer husband or wife.

Funko Pop Figure

You can get Funko Pop figures of almost any character out there, including most of the Fortnite ones. Grab their favourite for an inexpensive yet personal Christmas gift idea.

Fortnite Loot Pack

This is a fun pack for Fortnite fans who have everything. It comes with stickers and pins of some of the sprays and logos in the game.

Queen Bedding Set

Who says you have to stop having cool novelty bedding when you’re an adult? This Fortnite bedding set comes in a queen size so you can have sweet gamer dreams.

Nintendo Switch

This is a great Christmas gift for someone who loves Fornite on the PC, Playstation, or Xbox but wants a way to play it on the go. Even better if you can get the limited edition Fortnite themed Nintendo Switch for the grown-up gamer on your list.

Fortnite Gift Ideas for Kids (or Kids at Heart)

Twas the Fortnite Before Christmas Shirt

This would be a great addition to a Christmas eve box or just as a Christmas gift. Either way, kids will love the combination of holiday theme and Fortnite.

Fortnite Winter Hat and Gloves Set

A perfect Fortnite Christmas gift to get kids set for the upcoming winter months! It comes with a hat and mittens; Fortnite themed, of course. Maybe they’ll actually wear their winter gear with this set!

Fortnite Toy Set

Kids love having toys of their favourite games and series. Thankfully there are so many options out there for Fortnite toys; if you don’t know where to start, find out their favourite character and go from there.

Fortnite Logo Sweatshirt

This comfortable sweatshirt is perfect for kids who love Fortnite but still want to dress trendy and stylish.

Fortnite Backpack for Kids

These Fortnite backpacks come in a variety of colourful kid-friendly styles. Kids can use it for school or just as an extra bag for sleepovers and trips.

Twin Bedding Set

Bedding is a great Christmas gift idea for kids, especially when you can get them something with their favourite characters on it.

Battle Bus Playset

Where are we dropping boys? This playset is high quality and comes with a bunch of cool Fortnite characters and accessories. Great for younger kids to play with or as a collectible for teens and adults. Don’t forget to thank the bus driver!

Remote Controller Baller

The baller is a vehicle you can get in Fortnite, and now in real life too! It’s remote controlled for hours of screen-free fun.

Fortnite Bluetooth Speaker

These little bluetooth speakers are super cute and there are so many options to choose from. Grab their favourite character as useful, budget-friendly Fortnite gifts or stocking stuffers.

Fortnite Socks

I love giving socks as Christmas gifts and these Fortnite themed ones are perfect for kids. Give them as a gift, part of a bigger gift basket, or (my choice) wrapped individually as stocking stuffers.

Graphic Wallet

It can’t store their v-bucks but all their real life money will be safe in one of these Fortnite themed wallets.

Llama Loot Plush

What kid doesn’t love stuffed toys? This llama loot plush is a classic Fortnite toy and a perfect Christmas gift idea or stocking stuffer.

Nerf Blaster

These are so many Fortnite Nerf guns out there (trust me, my kids have a bunch of them) and they’re always a hit with kids. Don’t forget to grab some extra bullets; trust me, you’re going to need them.

Fortnite Llama Throw Blanket

Throw blankets are great for kids to keep them warm on the couch (playing Fortnite, maybe?) or as an extra blanket on their beds. If you’re planning to travel around the holidays this blanket is the perfect size to take on a trip.

Monopoly Fortnite Edition

A fun gamer twist on the classic game! You might not want to play Fortnite with your kid, but at least you can play this special edition of Monopoly together as a family.

Fade Mask

Fade is one of the more popular characters in Fortnite, mostly because he’s so cool looking. Kids will love this collectable mask; it’s great for cosplay, Halloween, or just for fun.

Rainbow Smash Pickaxe

Another popular Fornite thing, this is toy is actually a pretty sweet reproduction of the Rainbow Smash pickaxe weapon you can get in Fortnite.

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Pair

It’s always nice to have new controllers when you play video games, but even better when you get controllers that are themed after your favourite game. These joy-con controllers work for the Nintendo Switch game console.

Supply Llama

If you’re shopping for Christmas gifts for kids that already have a bunch of Fortnite toys this supply llama is the perfect accessory. It comes with a bunch of weapons, plus the Llama itself looks cool displayed in your child’s room.

Llama Cookie Cutter

Kids love baking cookings around the holidays (and all winter year long.) This Fortnite themed llama cookie cutter is a great addition to your baking collection and makes for a perfect stocking stuffer idea.

Hopefully you found the perfect gifts for adult or kid Fortnite fans with this list! If you’re still stumped you can always get them Vbucks. Trust me, they’ll appreciate it!

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