Call of Duty Gifts for Your Boyfriend (or Husband)

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As someone who’s been playing COD since the Xbox 360 days, I’m pretty hyped for Modern Warfare 2 to drop next month. But that got me thinking: are there cool gifts out there to get guys who loves Warzone or Call of Duty for their birthday, Christmas, or other holidays?

You bet there are! Here’s my recommendations for the best Call of Duty gifts for your boyfriend or husband to show that even if he ditches you for the boys sometimes you still support his favourite hobby: gaming.

I tried to pick gifts that would work for PC and console games (both on Xbox and Playstation). Hopefully the guy in your life enjoys these gifts as much as I enjoyed putting them on my own wishlist for the holidays this year.

The Best Call of Duty Gift Ideas for Gamer Guys

PS. This list was made for guys, but there’s plenty of women and femmes who game too. If they’re into this stuff, great! These gift ideas are for anyone who loves COD, not just men.

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white coffee mug with black writing gulag survivor mug

Gulag Survivor Mug

Ever been to the Gulag and lived to tell the tale to you squad after you respawn? Well now you can commemorate the achievement with this Warzone inspired mug. Where we dropping, boys?

nuketown poster showing rainbow over city in a black frame

Nuketown Poster

You can actually get all kinds of these super cool Call of Duty map themed posters, but since Nuketown is my personal favorite I had to pick it for this guide. Grab it in a variety of sizes and then get it framed for a great COD themed gift that will actually look great hanging in your house.

black xbox controller

Elite Controller

This controller will work on Xbox and PC. If he doesn’t already have a great gaming controller, I highly recommend splurging on something like this as a ‘big’ gift idea for any gamer, but especially someone who loves Call of Duty.

red and white beanie with red pom pom that says jugger-nog

Jugger-Nog Soda Beanie

This beanie (or touque for my fellow Canadians) is inspired by the Jugger-Nog soda from Call of Duty Zombies. It would a great Christmas gift idea!

navy performance thumbsticks for playstation

PS4 or PS5 Performance Thumbsticks

If he plays on Playstation you might not be able to get him a pro controller, but you can grab some performance thumbsticks. These ones are Warzone themed, because of course they are.

pack a punch sticker with colorful diamonds with black writing on top

Pack a Punch Sticker

Another fun reference to COD Zombies: a Pack a Punch sticker! It’s holographic and really cool; I’m thinking as an awesome stocking stuffer idea or budget-friendly gift.

black t-shirt with sunset, soldier, and plane flying with blue writing below that says where we dropping

Where We Dropping T-Shirt

“Where we dropping” is a Warzone meme that anyone who plays the game is going to get. I really like how this t-shirt combines the references with good art and retro vibe for a cool gamer shirt that he’ll actually want to wear.

Modern Warfare 3 Xbox 360 Drink Coaster

A gift for the retro Call of Duty gamer… Are we really calling the Xbox 360 retro now? Anyway, celebrate the release of the MW2 by reminding your husband or boyfriend where it all started. (And keep his desk or you coffee table from getting drink rings, too.)

This little Ghost statue to hold controllers

Ghost Phone or Controller Holder

This little Ghost statue (who, if you don’t already know, is a recurring character most notably appearing in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2) is ready to hold your boyfriend’s cellphone when he’s gaming or controller when he’s not.

Gulag Working Lamp Sign

OK, this is probably one of the coolest gifts for Call of Duty fans I’ve ever seen. It’s a real working wall mounted lamp sign. Even if you’re not a big Warzone fan everyone knows about the Gulag. Grab it for your husband or boyfriend’s office or gaming room for an epic gift idea.

Custom Call of Duty Loadout Poster

I love giving personalized gifts and this is an amazing gift idea for COD fans. Find out what his favourite gun blueprint config is and get it immortalized on a custom metal poster.

Mini COD PS4 Game Case Keychain

They have so many options so you can order whatever his favourite PS4 Call of Duty game happens to be. Super cute as part of a bigger gift, a gift basket, or for a stocking stuffer.

black gamer headset with red

Gamer Headset

Even if your boyfriend or husband already has a great gamer headset holidays and birthday gifts are a great way to give him an upgrade. I like HyperX personally, but grab whatever brand he’d prefer. Just make sure it works on the console he games on!

call of duty mega block box

COD Mega Blocks

If you’re lucky you might still be able to find these in clearance sections of stores, but otherwise you’ll have to go online to find official Call of Duty Mega Blocks sets. That being said… They’re super cool, and if he’s into this sort of thing, totally worth it.

Camper Greeting Card

If you’re searching for the perfect Call of Duty themed greeting card for your gamer boyfriend look no further: I found it. No matter which COD game he plays campers are always a problem. That is… Unless he’s a camper himself…

person wearing a ghost tactical mask

Ghost Tactical Mask

This tactical mask is perfect for a gamer who likes to cosplay or play airsoft. It’s made to look like Ghost’s mask from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, and honestly the attention to detail is amazing. It’s a bit pricey, but for the right guy totally worth it for a gift idea.

stay frosty candle, candle tin with open lid and a bullet on it

Stay Frosty Candle

Another “Ghost” inspired gift, but really something any Call of Duty fan can get behind. This candle smells like gunpowder, smoked maple, wood resin, leather, black pepper, cardamom, and frankincense – AKA, smells that most guys will like. Perfect to set the ambience when gaming with the boys or to get rid of the smell after he sweats hard for the w.

dark grey t-shirt with black text of a mountain with text that says SkyDrive verdanksi

Skydive Verdanski T-Shirt

Another gamer shirt that is cool enough to wear everyday, this one is made as an image to travel advertisements. And who wouldn’t want to skydive into Verdanski, what with the gunfire going on down below as you drop in. 10/10 would visit again.

blue, black, orange, and white call of duty inspired shot glasses

Call of Duty Inspired Shot Glasses

A great geeky addition to your home bar, these shot glasses are inspired by different factions in the Call of Duty series.

Warzone Contract Keychains

Another Warzone thing, these keychains are inspired by the contracts you pick up to gain cash in the game. You can pick one, or grab a bundle of them all so he can decide (and maybe give whatever is left over to the squad.)

Personalized Squad Name Mug

Another thoughtful gift idea for Call of Duty fans. You can have this mug customized with your boyfriend’s squad name. It’s a small gift, but anyone who games with a regular group will love the sentiment.

Hopefully you found something for your boyfriend, husband, or any gamer in your life with these Call of Duty inspired gifts! If you need me, I’ll be here waiting for the Modern Warfare 2 remake and new Warzone map to come out at the end of the month.

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