Gift Ideas For a Second Baby

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I have five kids so I know first hand what gift ideas are useful for a second baby, and which ones aren’t. After all, chances are you already have everything you need!

If you’re stumped on what to get someone having their second child I’ve got some great ideas. Some of these were gifts were received for our second, third, and forth babies, others are ideas that we would have loved to receive.

Before I jump right in, I want to mention that this list assumes the second baby has arrived not too far after the first. Meaning the parents saved all the essentials and everything is still in great shape.

If there’s a large gap between kids, you may be able to go off traditional first baby gift lists since almost everything will still apply to that second child.

What to Buy for a Second Baby

Whether you’ve been invited to a baby sprinkle (baby shower for a second baby), are a parent putting together your gift registry, or just want to get a gift for the new bundle of joy, here’s some great parent-approved gift ideas for a second baby.

bibs in neutral earth tones

Baby Bibs

Bibs get stained, worn, or lost all the time so chances are there aren’t many good ones left from the first kid to pass down. Even if there are, you really can’t have too many kicking around.

Storage Baskets

One thing I really like doing for a baby gift is doing up a gift basket. As a parent, you never can have enough storage, but this is especially true after baby number 2 arrives. Use a storage bin to create a gift basket, or just give a set of nice storage bins like this one. It might seem odd, but parents will love it.

Matching Family T-Shirts

If there’s already plenty of hand-me-downs to go around grab something cute instead. Matching sibling shirts for the new baby and older child always go over well, or give match the whole family with a set like this one.

Custom Baby Blanket

They might have plenty of blankets hanging around (you always get so many with the first kid), but it’s nice to give the second baby something that’s just their own. A personalized keepsake quilt like this one is a great second baby gift idea!

Custom Name Puzzle

Custom Name Puzzle

It might be the second baby in the family but this new little bundle is one of a kind. It might be too early to play with this now if you’re shopping for a newborn, but it won’t be long until this custom name puzzle will be a fun learning activity. Until then it’s super cute in the nursery!

baby teething toy

Teething Toys

This is another one that doesn’t really last between first and second babies. Since they go in baby’s mouth it’s nice to have some fresh ones in the house for the new addition.

ergo baby carrier

Baby Carrier

They might already have one of these, but if not I highly recommend giving one to someone who has, or is expecting, a second baby. I didn’t get mine until my 3rd was born and let me tell you, it’s a game changer when juggling multiple kids.

o is for old school baby board book

Fun Baby Books

You can never have too much books (in my opinion) and books are absolutely great gifts for newborn babies. Chances are, though, the parents already received those tried and true classics at their first baby shower. That’s OK! The second baby is your chance to give fun books, like this hilarious “O is for Old School” hip hop lingo board book.

large playpen

Large Playpen

Those days of thinking you’re not going to lock your baby up like Tommy Pickles are over once your second child comes along. Whether it’s to contain the older child while parents tend to the baby or to wrangle the baby once they start crawling a playpen makes life so much easier (and safer) with two kids in the house.

stick on placemats

Disposable Stick on Placemats

Man I wish they had these when my kids were little! These handy placemats safely adhere to the table at home, grandparents’ house, or at restaurants for easy clean up. Anything to save time while parenting two kids, in my opinion, is a great gift.

baby toothbrushes

Baby Toothbrushes

The little costs really add up when you have a new baby, so help the parents out by giving some of those “disposable” newborn essentials like toothbrushes in any second baby gift baskets you deliver.

Comfy Clothes Set

Comfy Clothes Set

Even if there are plenty of hand-me-downs I always like giving (and receiving) a few new outfits for the second baby in the family. To make life easier, coinsider giving something comfy that can be worn at home or out and easily mixed and matched to make life simple.

sit and stand double stroller

Double Stroller

This is actually the stroller I had for my kids who were three years apart and it was fantastic. You can sit baby at the front and have your older child ride on back. For two kids who are close in age, though, you may want a true double stroller instead.

baby sound machine

Sound Machine

If they don’t already have one, consider giving a sound machine to parents expecting their second baby. The thing is… With the first baby, you could usually keep the house quiet. Now that there’s an older sibling running around, that’s not so easy; a white noise machine helps a lot.

newborn baby foot keepsake

Newborn Baby Keepsakes

All babies should be celebrated! Just because it’s the second born doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give some of those traditional baby items like keepsakes. One tip though: stick to products that are easy to use, not very messy, and can be done quickly. Parents of two kids are busy!

Wine labels for parenting milestones

Milestone Bottles of Wine

Now more than ever are fun gifts like this going to be appreciated by the parents. There’s something extra special about celebrating these milestones for a second time. And by special I mean stressful. Anyway, give them wine.

And then there were four greeting card

Second Baby Greeting Card

If you’re not sure what to get you can always go with a greeting card. What are you going to put inside it, exactly? A gift card of course! Great second baby gift card ideas include: meal delivery, Netflix, the liquor store… Whatever you think they’ll need most.

baby monitor with video

Second Baby Monitor

Now that everyone uses video baby monitors you really need to have a second one if you have two kids, even if they’re sharing a room. Unless the older sibling is much older, chances are parents aren’t going to want to stop monitoring them at bedtime just yet. That means a second baby monitor is a must-have.

diaper and wipes gift set

Diapers and Wipes

Unless they cloth diaper (in which case you can opt for some fun cloth diapers instead), no parent will turn their nose at an extra box of diapers or wipes in the house. Just make sure you include a gift receipt in case they have too much of one size already.

busy box for toddlers

Busy Toys for the Older Sibling

One of the hardest parts of having your second baby isn’t the new baby part, it’s keeping the older child occupied while you care for the latest addition. Instead of giving gifts for the new baby, consider shopping for the sibling instead; they’ll feel special and included, and parents will love a few minutes of peace.

Ninja coffee maker

Coffee Maker

If they weren’t already coffee drinkers they might be soon enough. Help the new parents of two get through the tough first few weeks of having a newborn and older child by giving them a nice, easy to use coffee brewing system. There are so many options out there, but I like how this one does both pods and full pots.

Trust me, these gift ideas for a second baby are going to make most parents happy. I know they’d be on my registry, especially the coffee maker.

Anyway, hopefully this has helped you find the perfect baby sprinkle present or second baby gift. At the very least, let it inspire you to find something that’s totally unique.

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