Themed Easter Baskets for Kids

by | Feb 27, 2020

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In my family, it’s actually tradition to do an Easter egg hunt instead of single Easter baskets. The kids run around and find little chocolate eggs, bunnies, and small toys that are hidden around the house. But I also think themed Easter baskets for kids are really cute too!

There’s a lot great ideas online for cool baskets so I thought I’d put together some ideas of my own.

Why would you want to have a themed Easter basket for kids rather than just some toys and treats? Well first of all, it’s all about the impact. Having a themed basket ties everything together and makes the gift even more unique. Second, you can make your kids feel special if you choose a thoughtful theme that reflects their personality.

How to Surprise Kids With a Themed Easter Basket

Instead of just setting up the Easter basket in an obvious place it’s a lot more fun to have the Easter Bunny hide it somewhere inside or out. If you have multiple children, put their names on their baskets so there’s no confusion.

What I’m planning to do with my kids this year is to have a scavenger hunt. Tuck clues inside some of those plastic eggs. Make sure you color code if you have multiple kids! The clues can lead kids to their filled Easter basket.

Soccer Themed Easter Basket

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I like this theme because Easter is usually around the time where spring sports like soccer start back up. You can grab something pre-filled (like the one pictured above) or add some cool toys and treats to it yourself.

What to Put in a Soccer Themed Easter Basket:

And don’t forget a soccer themed basket to put it all in!

LEGO Easter Basket Idea


LEGO is popular with kids of almost all ages. What’s nice is there’s almost an infinite number of little sets that you can include inside a gift basket, including Easter themed ones. I really like the LEGO Big Toy Bucket (pictured above) as a reusable Easter basket idea too.

What to Put in a LEGO Themed Easter Basket:

For the actual Easter basket, I recommend the Big Toy Bucket or a Cinch Bucket.

Outdoor Play Theme

Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Giddy Buggy Bug House Toy With Carrying Handle and Easy-Access Door

For us, Easter is usually the start of real spring. That means being able to play outside after spending all winter cooped up! Giving kids an Easter basket filled with toys that will encourage outdoor play can help them have even more fun enjoying some fresh air outdoors.

What to Put in an Outdoor Play Themed Easter Basket:

For the basket, consider something they can use while playing outside like a new pail.

Gardening Easter Basket

Matching Board Book - Red Kids Gardening Tools Set Includes Sturdy Tote Bag, Watering Can, Shovel, Rake, and Trowel - Garden Storybook - Kids Garden Tools- Easter Gifts for Toddler Age on up.

If your family likes to garden (or your kids just like to play in the dirt) a gardening themed Easter basket is super fun. If you want to make things easy on yourself just pick up a gardening set like the one pictured above. You can put it all inside the gardening bag! Or use some of these ideas instead (or both!)

What to Put in a Gardening Themed Easter Basket:

You can either put all your gardening themed gifts for kids inside a gardening tote like this one or a large plastic flower pot.

Slime Easter Basket

Original Stationery Unicorn Slime Kit, Slime Kit for Girls 10-12 to Make Glow in The Dark Unicorn Slime for Kids, Amazing Christmas Crafts for Kids

All the kids everywhere are slime obsessed. You can make it into a cool Easter basket idea by adding some slime themed products or slime making kits. For an easy Easter basket alternative, consider picking up a larger craft kit and hiding that instead of your child’s Easter basket.

What to Put in a Slime Themed Easter Basket

If you want something really unique to put this stuff in (instead of a traditional Easter basket) then give kids their own slime mixing bowl. Trust me, you’ll appreciate it too.

These were just a few themed easter basket ideas for kids. We’ll be adding some more to this post later so be sure to check back!

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