Fun Ideas for Adult Easter Egg Hunts

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Why should easter egg hunts just be for the kids? Get all your friends and family together this spring and host one of these adult easter egg hunts using these unique ideas. They’re so much fun it might just become an annual tradition.

I actually got the idea for creating adult easter egg hunts from my mom and stepdad. Each year we go to their house, which is located on a large acreage, and they have an easter egg set up from the grandkids. Well wouldn’t you know it, they also surprised us with an adult for us grown-up kids too!

Anyway, here’s some ideas for adult easter egg hunts to try out yourself, including the one my parents held for us.

Easter Scavenger Hunt

Friends looking for something in an adult easter themed scavenger hunt

I’m a big fan of doing these for kids, but why not adults too? Start your hunters off with a clue that will, hopefully, lead them to the next one. The fun thing about adult scavenger hunts is you can make this as complicated as your ambition allows…

Choose to keep it in the home or yard, or have your hunters going around town to find each clue. It’s up to you!

Another way to do this is to have eggs hidden around that each contain part of a puzzle, map, or cipher that won’t help them until all the eggs are found.

Let the Kids Hide the Eggs

Child hiding easter eggs

This is another fun twist on the traditional easter egg hunt that gets the whole family involved. Have your kids fill and hide easter eggs and let the adults do the hunting.

If your kids are older, you can even give them some cash to pick out some unique easter egg fillers from the dollar store for a real surprise in each one.

Nighttime Egg Hunt

Friends at a bonfire at night
Friends Sitting Near Campfire At Night

You’ll have to wait until the sun goes down to host this easter egg hunt for adults. First, fill plastic eggs with LED lights or glow sticks then hide them around the yard. You’ll have to do this shortly before the hunt begins so your lights don’t dim, but it’s so worth it.

Turn off as many lights as you can and let the adults struggle to navigate around the dark yard to find the glowing easter eggs.

Finish it off with a bonfire!

Golden Ticket Egg Hunt

Golden egg

This one is simple but a lot of fun. Fill all the easter eggs with small items, or even nothing at all. All except one, that is! One special egg will the golden ticket, and inside hides a fabulous prize!

The prize can be a gift card or have the lucky winner bring it to the host to exchange for a gift or bottle of alcohol.

As far as the golden ticket egg is concerned, you have a couple options. One is to paint it a bright shiny gold so it stands out. Another is to buy an extra pack of eggs in metallic gold and just put out the one.

What I like to do to keep it suspenseful, though, is don’t indicate the golden ticket egg at all. Then you should only let your guests open the eggs at the end so they won’t know who the winner is while the hunt is on.

Potluck Easter Egg Hunt for Adults

Friends hosting a potluck together in the spring

This is another super fun idea! You can make these ideas for adult easter egg hunts happen in a few different ways:

Everyone Contributes Some Eggs

The first idea is to have everyone bring some easter eggs and hide them. The rule is you can find anyone else’s eggs except for yours! That way you get a little bit of everything in your eggs, and it’s not a big job for just one person.

Potluck Dinner Egg Hunt

Set a date for a potluck dinner with friends sometime after your egg hunt, but don’t make any more plans. Instead of treats in the eggs there are notes with different parts of a potluck dinner. Once you find your egg you’re committed to bringing that dish!

Homemade Easter Eggs

Have everyone make something homemade involving easter. This can be homemade easter eggs, some desserts, or even decor and crafts. Use your imagination!

Hide these homemade items around instead of eggs for an exciting adult-friendly easter egg hunt idea.

Gift Exchange

Everyone brings a gift to the event. Then write everyone’s name inside the easter eggs and hide them around. The egg you find is the person’s gift that you’ll receive.

You can do whatever theme you friend group prefers for the gift exchange. It could be inexpensive gifts, DIYs, spring-themed gifts, or even a white elephant gift exchange.

Find The Alcohol Easter Egg Hunt for Adults

Beer bottles in a caddy with handle for fun easter egg hunt ideas for adults

This is what my mom and stepdad set up for us. There’s a few different options for what you can do here for some adult-friendly easter fun.

Find the 6 Pack

Go to your local liquor store and grab a 6 pack for each guest. You could also get an assortment of beers in those make your own 6-pack caddies if your lot prefers craft beers. Hide the beverages around the yard then give everyone their own 6 pack holder and let ’em loose!

For the non beer drinkers, other canned alcohol like twisted tea or Truly works great here too.

This works best if everyone has their own favourite brew, but you can also go with assorted options and let the lucky hunters find the best picks.

Mini Bottles and Pre-made Shots in Easter Eggs

Some of the bigger plastic eggs are perfect sized to fit those sample size bottles of alcohol and pre-mixed shots. Fill up a bunch and hide them around for a truly adult-friendly surprise.

If this is too pricey, you can mix and match with some alcohol filled chocolates (or just regular easter treats) so the booze is really a prize to be won.

Other Tips for Hosting an Adult Easter Egg Hunt

Holding a basket of adult friendly easter goodies including a bottle of wine
  • Supply or request guests bring easter baskets to put their eggs in
  • Consider starting a tradition to rotate who hosts the event every year
  • Enlist your spouse or a non-participant to do the egg hiding so you can play too
  • To make things more fair or give specific gifts to each guest assign each person a unique easter egg colour to find
  • Make a day of it and play some fun games or a BBQ

Ideas for What to Put in Adult Easter Eggs

If you just want to have a regular easter egg hunt with adults then you can always fill the eggs with adult-friendly items to make it extra fun. Besides the goodies listed above, here are some of my favourite adult easter egg fillers.

Good Quality Candy or Chocolate

I like treats just as much as the next guy, especially around easter. If you want to put candy or chocolate in easter eggs that are meant for adults less is definitely more. Cranberry cream or mini eggs are my favourites, but you can pick whatever you think your guests will like.

Makeup and Cosmetics

If your easter egg hunt is a girls only (or femme) affair, fill the eggs with a variety of makeup and cosmetic products. A great way to do this is to collect those sample size items you get from Sephora and other places; they fit perfectly!

Nail polish, chapstick, and travel size versions of skincare products also fit great in easter eggs.

Cute Toys

Just because you’re a bunch of grown ups doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some cute toys every now and then. These work well alongside other easter egg fillers for a variety of prizes that make it even more fun for adults of all ages.

Seed Packets

Easter falls just before planting season in most places. If your guests enjoy gardening, see packets are perfect for stuffing inside plastic easter eggs. You can also add some other gardening accessories like twine or row markers if you can find some that fit!


This is another one that will depend on the composition of your friend group, but can be a super cute idea for easter egg fillers. I really like these cute chocolate bunny earrings, but there are so many options for cute easter and spring themed necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, etc to choose from out there.


Last, but definitely not least, are socks. These are SO cute and there are so many designs that are perfect for easter. The best part is when squished up they fit well inside plastic easter eggs.

Make it extra interesting by hiding only one sock in each egg so you have to work to find the match.

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