65 Gorgeous Gift Ideas for Succulent Lovers

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Do you have a succulent lover on your list and need some great gift ideas? I have you covered with some gorgeous options that will delight anyone in your life who loves these little plants. Whether they prefer cacti or other types of succulents there’s something here for everyone obsessed with these plants.

I mean really, what do you get someone who’s obsessed with succulents?

These gift ideas are a great place to start if you need inspiration; maybe one of these items will be a perfect present, or you might get inspired to discover a totally unique gift your succulent-loving friend or relative will adore.

The Best Gift Ideas for Anyone Who Loves Succulents

From pretty decorations and throw pillows to the most unique succulent planters out there, there’s something here for all the plant lovers on your shopping list. Most of these items are budget friendly and can be sent long distance, too!

Table Of Contents
  1. Succulent Arrangement
  2. Mini Terrarium Necklace
  3. Mini Geometric Terrariums
  4. Succulent Throw Pillow
  5. Monstera Keychain
  6. Mini Succulent Tealights
  7. Succulent Earring Set
  8. Forest Sprite Ornament
  9. Mini Artificial Succulents
  10. Red Skull Succulent Pot Pattern
  11. Disco Ball Hanging Planter
  12. Tall Geometric Terrarium
  13. Mini Succulent Notebook Set
  14. Cactus Pens
  15. Just One More Plant Tote Bag
  16. Mini Succulent Fridge Magnets
  17. Cute Plant Pot
  18. Silly Succulent Plush Toy
  19. Mini Building Block Succulents
  20. Cacti and Succulents Puzzle
  21. Keychain Wristlet With Succulents
  22. Cactus Cross Body Bag
  23. Succulent Print Scrunchie
  24. Stylish Succulents to Crochet Book
  25. Hanging Succulent Signs
  26. Hanging Lightbulb Succulent Holder
  27. Succulents Beginner Guide Book
  28. Succulents Magnet Set
  29. Crocheted Hanging Car Plant
  30. Succulent Self Care Gift Set
  31. Gardener's Guide to Succulents Book
  32. Vintage Succulents Tea Towel
  33. Funny Plants Get Me Socks
  34. Cactus Glass Jar Candle
  35. Mini Garden Gnomes
  36. Artificial Succulents Pack
  37. Succulent Gardening Set
  38. Individual Artificial Succulents
  39. Macrame Pot Hangers
  40. Succulent Tea Towels
  41. Botanical Line Drawing Book
  42. Cactus Storage Basket
  43. Succulent Style Book
  44. Plants Not People Tray
  45. Take Out Container Plant Pot
  46. Cactus Drink Coaster Set
  47. Succulents Adult Coloring Book
  48. Terrarium for Succulents
  49. Life Would Succ Without You Pot
  50. String of Pearls Stained Glass Suncatcher
  51. Live Succulents
  52. Plant Lady Flower Pot Mug
  53. Lego Succulent Set
  54. Plant Rescuer Shirt
  55. Acrylic Plant Keychain
  56. Succulent Art Print
  57. Succulent Obsession Guide Book
  58. Studded Cactus Mug
  59. Succulent Wall Hanging Frame
  60. Oh Fucculent Funny Towel
  61. Moss Succulent Framed Art
  62. Sewn Succulent Decoration
  63. Gold Plant Mister
  64. Hexagonal Shelf Set
  65. Moon Succulent Necklace

Succulent Arrangement

Custom made and professionally arranged, these succulents are a great way to give yet another plant to the succulent lover in your life.

Mini Terrarium Necklace

Keep some nature close to your heart with a mini terrarium necklace! They’re filled with moss, not succulents, but I still think it’s a great, unique gift idea for anyone who loves plants and nature.

Mini Geometric Terrariums

These gold terrariums are trendy and cute. Gift them alone or with some succulents inside for a fun decorative gift.

Succulent Throw Pillow

This unique throw pillow is super cute! It’s shaped like a succulent and would be perfect for the living room, bedroom, or an office chair.

Monstera Keychain

These keychains are monstera, which I admit isn’t quite a succulent. It still has tropical vibes, though, and I promise anyone who likes plants will appreciate it. Love the enamel look!

Mini Succulent Tealights

These tealights are almost too cute to burn! Perfect succulent gift ideas for someone who likes the ambiance of candles.

Succulent Earring Set

Love this pack of succulent themed earrings. The colors are super pretty and they’d look adorable in pairs or worn mix and matched.

Forest Sprite Ornament

This forest sprite delivers an important message to the succulent lover on your gift list: I need more plants. This would be cute as as Christmas tree ornament too.

Mini Artificial Succulents

You can’t go wrong with mini artificial succulents! There’s so many places these can add a pop of color to anyone’s home or office. The best part? They’re from DollarTree so they’re amazingly budget-friendly.

Red Skull Succulent Pot Pattern

A gift that just keeps on giving! This moody skull gift isn’t for the planter itself, but instead the pattern so they can make it on their own 3D printing device.

Disco Ball Hanging Planter

These hanging planters are ready to party! Move over macrame, a new fun way of hanging plants has just dropped and I am here for it.

Tall Geometric Terrarium

Not all succulents are tiny and short! Help the succulent fan in your life grow a bigger range of plants with this pretty glass tall terrarium as a gift idea.

Mini Succulent Notebook Set

These vintage inspired notebooks are perfect for work or school. Love the succulents on the cover!

Cactus Pens

Pair some succulent or cactus pens with the notebooks as a themed gift. These would also be fun as an gift basket filler or stocking stuffer idea.

Just One More Plant Tote Bag

Tote bags make handy gifts and are perfect for using as an alternative to gift bags, too. This cute plant themed one is just what a succulent gardener needs to bring back a few more supplies for their collection.

Mini Succulent Fridge Magnets

These fridge magnets are way too cute. I love all the different types of succulents and pot colors you can get!

Cute Plant Pot

This has got to be my favourite succulent planter for all time. Look at that chubby cute friend! The succulent looks like hair. Omg. Love.

Silly Succulent Plush Toy

This plush toy is made for kids but would be cute on anyone’s shelf or bed. Love the little feet!

Mini Building Block Succulents

These little succulents are a fun building activity that can also be displayed. They’re different from the Lego set and super cute.

Cacti and Succulents Puzzle

If you want to give someone a succulent themed gift that supports another hobby themed puzzles are a great idea. You can find a lot out there, but I really like the art on this one.

Keychain Wristlet With Succulents

These coloring succulent print wristlets are super handy for keeping keys and ID cards on your wrist. Great as a small gift or stocking stuffer!

Cactus Cross Body Bag

Sometimes you have to venture out into the world and leave your succulents at home. A bag like this means they won’t be forgotten, and you can show the world your cactus love. It’s also just a nice purse.

Succulent Print Scrunchie

Scrunchies are back in style and I’m here for it. This succulent print one would be super cute with a spring or summer outfit!

Stylish Succulents to Crochet Book

OMG how cute are these crochet patterns? Crochet and craft books are great gift ideas for a crafty friend or relative who loves succulents.

Hanging Succulent Signs

Here’s another cute home decor accent you can add to gift baskets or give on a budget thanks to DollarTree. There’s two different signs to choose from that would look fun hanging on the front door.

Hanging Lightbulb Succulent Holder

These hanging succulent holders are a great way to add some color and natural elements to a room without having to add more shelves.

Succulents Beginner Guide Book

If you’re shopping for someone who loves succulents, but is still new to caring for them, this beginner book will be a huge help. Succulents are usually pretty easy to care for but it’s always nice to have some extra help.

Succulents Magnet Set

This is another cute magnet set for someone who prefers more natural tones.

Crocheted Hanging Car Plant

You won’t need to worry about this succulent hanging plant freezing or drying out in the car; it’s crocheted! How cute.

Succulent Self Care Gift Set

Everyone needs self care sometimes. If you have a friend or family member who needs a pick me up, this succulent themed self care box is a great way to say “take care of yourself”. Gift boxes like this are great long distance gift ideas for succulent loves!

Gardener’s Guide to Succulents Book

Here’s another great succulent care book for folks who want to take their gardening to the next level. It covers more than just the basics!

Vintage Succulents Tea Towel

The print on this tea towel is stunning and would look adorable to any vintage inspired or boho style kitchen.

Funny Plants Get Me Socks

Silly socks make such fun gifts! These ones are more general gardening, but any succulent lover will still love them.

Cactus Glass Jar Candle

Another candle that will be tough to light, this one has three cute cacti inside the jar. Love the design of this jar candle, especially the bottom.

Mini Garden Gnomes

Garden gnomes and other small friends are perfect accessories to add to succulent planters.

Artificial Succulents Pack

Not everyone who loves succulents wants real ones. High quality artificial succulents, like the ones in this set, are a great way to bring in some greenery without worrying about upkeep.

Succulent Gardening Set

If they are gardening with real succulents, though, this set has a practical assortment of indoor plant care items. Perfect as succulent gift ideas for beginners or someone who needs a tool upgrade.

Individual Artificial Succulents

I actually have some of these dollar store succulents and they look super cute inside decorations where real plants would be impractical.

Macrame Pot Hangers

If you don’t have the time or skills to make a macrame pot hanger for your succulent loving friend give a pre-made one like these. Love the design!

Succulent Tea Towels

These simple tea towels can add a subtle fit of succulent to a kitchen or bathroom. Practical and cute!

Botanical Line Drawing Book

Aspiring artists can learn how to draw all kinds of unique botanicals with this line drawing book. It’s filled with flowers, leaves, and most importantly, succulent art inspiration.

Cactus Storage Basket

You have to store those gardening supplies somewhere, right? Any succulent print storage solutions make great gift ideas (or addition to a gift) for succulent lovers.

Succulent Style Book

This book is aimed at gardeners and decorators to help design with succulents! So many unique ideas and tips in here.

Plants Not People Tray

This tray might be brutally honest, but I know any succulent fan on your list is going to love this catch-all tray. It’s about time they shared their priorities with the world!

Take Out Container Plant Pot

Another super fun succulent plant pot, this one is themed like a Chinese take out container. Love the way the string of pearls succulent looks inside.

Cactus Drink Coaster Set

Keep surfaces ring-free with drink coasters. But not just any coasters; these cactus ones are too cute to pass up.

Succulents Adult Coloring Book

Gardening is a relaxing hobby but sometimes you need another way to wind down. Succulent fans can color all their favorite plants in this themed adult coloring book.

Terrarium for Succulents

I love terrarriums, especailly for succulent gardening. You can use it as a cute planter, plus they’re great for helping your plants grow too.

Life Would Succ Without You Pot

This would be a cute gift idea for a family member or cherished friend who loves succulents. Plus it’s true!

String of Pearls Stained Glass Suncatcher

Stained glass suncatchers are designed to reflect light and look gorgeous hung up anywhere in your house. I love this succulent themed one the best; it’s made to look like a hanging basket of string of pearls.

Live Succulents

Succulent fans can never have too many plants! Give the gift of live succulents, or offer a gift card so they can pick their own.

Plant Lady Flower Pot Mug

These custom mug is made to look like a terra cotta flower pot. The writing isn’t vinyl so you can feel confident this gift idea will last a long time too.

Lego Succulent Set

You can’t go wrong gifting this Lego set to succulent fans or Lego lovers. I happen to own this myself so can personally vouch that it’s amazing.

Plant Rescuer Shirt

Look, sometimes you have to rescue the plants trapped at the store! It’s heroic.

Acrylic Plant Keychain

If you know what their favorite plants are you can pick out a keychain that looks like its leaves. Even if you don’t know, though, this is still a cute gift idea for anyone who likes plants.

Succulent Art Print

I love art prints as gifts only if you know the person you’re shopping for pretty well. Complete the gift with a frame that will match their home.

Succulent Obsession Guide Book

This book helps the succulent obsessed learn even more about the plants they collect.

Studded Cactus Mug

This cactus mug looks prickly but is, of course, perfectly safe to drink out of. Love that it’s a unique design and not just a printed mug.

Succulent Wall Hanging Frame

These little frames are super cool. Buy a few to give an arragement that can be hung on the wall.

Oh Fucculent Funny Towel

This cute flour sack towel has been embroidered with a funny succulent themed design and message.

Moss Succulent Framed Art

Another great decorative item, this framed succulent arrangement has been preserved to last for years hanging on your wall.

Sewn Succulent Decoration

Love cute handmade succulent gift ideas! This would be cute on your desk or a bookshelf.

Gold Plant Mister

Pretty misters are all the rage right now for any indoor gardener. Succulents often don’t need much water so this is perfect for keeping them happy.

Hexagonal Shelf Set

You can put succulents on any shelf, but this set of hexagonal honeycomb shelves are too gorgeous not to include. Especially if you add hanging succulents like string of pearls to them.

Moon Succulent Necklace

How pretty is this necklace? If you want a thoughtful gift for someone who wears jewellery you can’t go wrong with a mix of trendy elements (like the moon) with succulents.

Hopefully you enjoyed these succulent gift ideas! I tried to find items that were unique and useful, not just a bunch of items with succulent print. I know there’s quite a few goodies here that I’d love to get as gifts!

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