Bed Room Decor Ideas For Adult Rooms

by | Oct 7, 2021

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Why should kids get all the fun decorating their room? Your bedroom is your sanctuary; it’s the place where you settle in after a long day. Why not make it yours with these bed room decor ideas that are perfect for adult rooms.

Bedroom Mirrors

Mirrors are a great way to make a room feel bigger. They also reflect light, which helps if lighting’s an issue too. They’re also practical – after all, the bedroom is usually where you get dressed.

 Iron Mat Black Framed Wall Mirror

Irregular Wall Mirror

This teardrop shaped mirror is perfect for checking out your hair or make up in the bedroom. It also makes the room feel bigger.

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Rose Gold Geode Mirrors

This trio of mirrors would be great for adding a bit of sparkle to your bedroom. Super trendy, they look great hung together or apart.

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Large Floor Mirror Without Stand Wall Mounted

Floor Mirror

While it’s not as trendy as the other two, having a nice full length mirror is one of the best bed room decor ideas because it’s super practical too. You’ll be able to see your full outfit and make any last minute adjustments before starting the day.

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Tapestries are coming back in style, especially now that they’re easier than ever to print on. You can get so many cool, unique, and fun designs that suit nay personality. Tapestries are especially handy for renters because they can add some colour to bare walls without causing too much damage.

Boho Style Tapestry

Boho style tapestries are really trendy right now, and boho style in general is responsible for the popularization of tapestries in general. You can pick one of these designs or order one of each for a cohesive theme around the bed room.

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Vintage Sun and Moon Tapestry Retro 70s Rainbow Sunrise Sunset

Vintage Sun and Moon Tapestry

This one is more retro 70s style, which I think can be pretty cool in a retro style adult bed room. The bigger size would be perfect hung behind the bed for a focal point.

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Marble Abstract Tapestry Luxury Texture Dark

Abstract Tapestry

I love how unique this tapestry looks. Even though it’s made of cloth it adds a bit of texture and earth elements to the space.

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Macrame is making a huge comeback, but they’ve given it a modern twist. Now it’s a staple of boho style decor and slowly infiltrating other decor styles too.

Large Macrame Wall Hanging

I love the BIG impact this super unique wall hanging can have when used as part of your bed room decor! Hang it above the bed or anywhere that you have a lot of wall space.

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Pastel Macrame Wall Hanging

I love the little pops of colour in this pastel wall hanging. Perfect for an adult bedroom, an office, or a nursery.

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Stone Entwined Macrame Wall Hanging

While it seems like it’s just an elaborate (and gorgeous) macrame wall hanging, this piece actually has a couple stones woven into the design.

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Blankets and Comforters

These are a great way to quickly change the vibe of your bedroom without spending too much money or taking on a big project. Plus they’re practical, too!

Luxurious Cotton Bedding Set Mid Century Trendy Geometric Design

Modern Luxe Comforter

I’m absolutely in love with the look of this comforter. Not only is the design amazing, but the trips of clipped Jacquard stripes give in that little bit extra. Overall, it looks modern and high-end.

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Moroccan Pom Pom Blanket

This throw blanket can be tossed over top of your existing comforter to change the look quickly. I can’t believe how cute the pom poms look!

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Wall Art

Wall art comes in a variety of forms when it comes to bed room decor ideas. There’s ones that add texture, abstract art, wall decals that look painted, and of course pictures. Combine a variety of elements for a more “professional” design look.

Let’s Cuddle Rustic Sign

Who doesn’t love a rustic sign over the bed? There’s so many out there, but this Let’s Cuddle one is pretty cute.

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Dried Palm Leaves

These look fantastic when used in your bed room decor! While you can add them to vases and things like that, they actually look amazing on the wall and bring in both texture and natural elements.

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Good Morning Black White Poster Minimalist Canvas Good Night

Good Morning/Good Night Pictures

While they might not be incredibly unique, these minimalist designs are a great addition to almost any bedroom. Since they’re neutral you can pair them with almost any decor style and let the rest of the room dictate their style.

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Sea animal wall hooks, set of 6 coat hooks, ocean décor, solid oak wood

Unique Wall Hooks

Hooks are practical in the bed room, but they can be part of your decor too. There are so many unique designs out there and it’s totally worth the splurge to add that little “extra” to the room.

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Wall Decals

These have come a long way over the years. There’s a lot you can do with wall decals that save a lot of time and effort that you’d put into painting the same thing. Plus, some are removable, which is great for renters.

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3D Wood World Map Wall Art Decor

Wooden World Map

This map comes in a variety of colours and sizes so it can fit your space perfectly. If you love to travel, or just love the aesthetic, this map looks super unique hanging on the wall.

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Custom Neon Sign Wedding Decor, Neon Wedding Sign Wall Decor

Custom Neon Signs

What better way to personalize your space than with a custom sign? I love neon signs for the aesthetic, plus they can double as extra lighting (or ambient lighting) too.

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Hopefully these bed room decor ideas help inspire you to do something in your own space! If you end up decorating your home with any of these, or just want to share some inspiration with us, be sure to tag @thebestnestblog on Instagram!

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