White and Blue Small Home Renovation

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Think that your dream home can only be a new build? This amazing total home renovation with modern white and blue colour scheme was done on a this 100 year old house. The best part? It was all done on a small budget!

Can you believe the entire home is less than 1000 square feet?

Thanks to Bev Thomas for sharing these pictures of her home renovation.

Some things to look for in these small home renovation pictures:

  • Great use of wallpaper throughout the home
  • A cohesive design that can be seen in each room
  • New, modern flooring
  • Bold painted trim

Bold Design

When you’re working with a small space going big can have a big impact. To make the space feel larger, a textured wallpaper was added to one wall in the living room. This created a focal point when you walked through the front door and helped elongate the space visually.

Interior of a renovated home with white walls and dark blue trim

Small But Powerful Kitchen

When you’re working with a small space you often have to make do with less than ideal kitchen sizes. This kitchen wastes no space and still makes room for a storage and dishwasher. Adding the clear upper cupboard in the top helped make it feel less monolithic and gives room to display some kitchenware too.

brand new renovated kitchen that's white with butcher block countertops

No Wasted Space

The kitchen isn’t very big so it was important to utilize every square inch of space. A small section of countertop and cupboard were installed to fill in what would otherwise have been wasted space between the fridge and the wall.

small cupboard and countertop positioned between the fridge and wall

Small Features With Big Impact

When you’re trying to save money on a home renovation small splurges can make everything look more expensive. Rather than a traditionally faucet, this one takes a boring kitchen sink and turns it into a statement piece.

unique black faucet in a kitchen

Primary Bedroom of Your Dreams

Who said primary bedrooms had to be huge to be luxurious? Wallpaper was used again here to create the brick focal wall. Simple decor and bedlinens help keep everything looking cohesive while the painted trim and windows give it that pop of colour.

bedroom with grey and white brick wall

Upcycled Bathroom Furnishings

Bathrooms are a huge expense in home renovations, so this is one area that a little DIY can save money and still look great. The vanity was painted and upcycled, then topped with a new sink and faucet. The matching mirrors were picked up from a discount store and saved money compared to buying one big mirror instead.

white and navy bathroom with painted upcycled vanity

The bathroom also has the same wallpaper from the living room and matches the colour scheme right down to the decor and shower curtain!

bathroom with towels hanging on the wall on hooks and a blue floral shower curtain

More Pictures of this White and Blue Tiny Home Renovation!

What do you think of this home renovation?

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