Why I Hate Watching TV With My Partner

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I have shared custody of my kids which means my ex gets them half the time. Although most of the time I hate it and it causes me a lot of distress, it also means my partner and I get more time together than most couples with kids. I try and take advantage of that time which is why I hate watching TV with my partner. All I want to do when I have his attention is spend time together!

When the kids aren’t here we often eat meals in the living room. It’s not something I’m very fond of but he loves to eat while watching TV. What ends up happening is one of two things. I’m already grumpy because I don’t want to watch TV, I want to talk, and we bicker about which show to watch. Or we agree on something and then end up watching way too long.

Reasons Why I hate watching TV with my partner:

I admit I go along with what he wants too much in this department. I have no interest in sitting in front of the TV all evening. After a day of being alone I want to talk to him and spend time together. I’d rather use that time playing a board game, completing projects around the house, or just connecting together.

On more than one occasion we have been mid conversation when he turns a show on. Now, he doesn’t do this to be rude, but as soon as the TV starts playing two things happen. One, I have to talk over it. And two, his attention shifts.

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You can’t have a conversation when the TV is on

When the kids aren’t here I spend most of my time alone. I run my business and work from home, or take care of household chores. I sometimes speak online with friends but I don’t have anyone in person who I see besides my mom. Working is important for our family and our goals so I have to focus on that when I have the time.

I’m lonely. And I want my partner.

I love spending time with him. Our conversations are the best, it’s what drew me to him in the first place. He’s my best friend.

We don’t always agree on the same shows to watch

Sometimes there are shows I enjoy, and sometimes there are shows he likes. It’s OK for couples to have different interests! The thing about always watching tv with your partner, though, is that I never get a chance to watch the shows that I want to watch. You can easily get stuck in a rut of always having to compromise if you want to watch TV – that’s not fair for anyone.

There are so many great things out there that there just isn’t enough time to watch everything. If you have to be selective about what you watch, it should be shows you really want to see.

Not very productive

If you and your partner have different ideas about what you want to do in the evenings the TV can be a big time and productivity sink. Maybe you’re more creative, or you’re just bored of television; whatever the reason, not everyone wants to sit and watch TV.

Sometimes I hate watching TV with my partner because it means that’s the only thing he wants to do together… But in reality, I’d rather be doing something else together instead.

Annoying habits

This one isn’t always an issue, but sometimes I do want to watch TV, but watching it with my partner just gets on my nerves. We all have annoying habits that our partners have to put up with. For example, I’m sure it drives him nuts when I look at my phone while watching and miss things. Oops!

I hate watching TV with my partner when I’m trying to relax and he’s moving around too much, eating annoying foods that make noise, or playing with/talking to the dog. We all have our pet peeves.

Things I would rather do over watching TV with my partner in the evenings

There’s so much more you can do than just sit when you’re not watching TV. Here’s some of my favourite ways to spend time together:

  • Play a board game. We’re huge into board games, especially complex ones. There are some that are more interactive than others so keep that in mind when choosing.
  • Read something together. Whether it’s inspirational material or DIY instructions, it’s nice to grow together.
  • Play a video game. We’ve been working out way through Overcooked 2 but there’s all kinds of co-op games out there!
  • Complete a project together. Whether it’s cleaning out the basement or working on one of the many DIY projects our home needs this is one my favourite ways to spend time with my partner.
  • Go for a walk. Or play a game like Pok√©mon Go together. It’s fun!

I’m trying to get better about voicing my opinion about what I want to do. I think that if I planned something my partner would be more than willing to do it! It’s also important to keep in mind that after being at work all day he’s tired. Sometimes I have to do what he wants, even if that means vegging out in front of the TV.

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  1. Marge

    Its hard because you, unlike other couples with children, have this free time and so you both try to use this free time but on what you would like to do. I know when my kids were young, sometimes they stayed with relatives giving me some free t time and I always said “oh great, I could clean out all the cupboards while they are gone or some other equally boring house project. But I always ended up saying I am just going to sit down and enjoy the quiet because I never got that too often. Don’t fret the small stuff, just sit quietly beside him because today is promised and tomorrow is unknown!

  2. Pam

    100% agree. I like doing things. Learning things. I hate just watching movies. So boring. You just consume. You don’t make things.

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