50+ Things to do Instead of Shopping

by | Dec 30, 2020

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Whether you’re new to minimalism or you’ve been doing it for while, it can sometimes be tough to fill the space that shopping used to take up. After all, it’s fun to browse online when you have nothing better to do, and a trip to the mall is a nice outing for most people. But there are things to do instead of shopping – so here’s a list of my favourites.

Print this list and hang it up as a constant reminder. Then you can reference it when you’re feeling bored, or in a shopping mood. Minimalism involves breaking a lot of bad habits and fighting against consumerism! It can be even more difficult when every time you open social media there’s an advertisement for something you want.

The Ultimate List of Things to do Instead of Shopping

Home filled with books and other things to do for fun

Things to do around the house

  1. Spend time with your spouse, kids, or roommates
  2. Declutter a space
  3. Gather up donations
  4. Fill a bag of trash and take it out
  5. Clean out the fridge or freezer (and take note of how much and what food was wasted)
  6. Cook a creative or fancy meal with what you have on hand
  7. Play a video game that you’ve been meaning to get to, or you’re nostalgic for
  8. Read a book from your backlog
  9. Complete a hobby project you’ve been putting off
  10. Work on or complete a DIY project or home repair
  11. Wash your bedding, curtains, cushion covers, etc
  12. Learn something new (there’s plenty of free classes online)
  13. Write something
  14. Rearrange your home to redecorate with what you have
  15. Give your home a deep cleaning
  16. Reorganize and declutter the kitchen cupboards
  17. Clean out your junk drawer
  18. Work in the yard
  19. Try out a new movie or series on Netflix
  20. Organize your calendar so you’re ready for the upcoming weeks or months
  21. Make some freezer meals to have later (helps avoid eating out too!)
  22. Complete a pet care project
  23. Try some new self care activities
  24. Catch up with a friend you haven’t spoken to in awhile
Couple out of the house doing activities instead of shopping

Out of the house activity ideas

  1. Visit your local library (great for that ‘new item’ fix!)
  2. Check out a museum or art gallery
  3. Go for a swim
  4. Visit with a friend or relative
  5. Volunteer
  6. Attend a class or workshop
  7. Go for a walk
  8. Run some necessary errands (but avoid the temptation to stop and pick up a few things!)
  9. Attend a free show or performance
  10. Invite friends for a potluck picnic using only items you all already have
son and child on yellow airplane ride at amusement park

No shopping activity ideas for families

  1. Try out a fun activity like bowling, laser tag, etc
  2. Do a puzzle together
  3. Play a board game that you already have
  4. Take the kids to a park or playground
  5. Help the kids declutter their toys and encourage them to think like a minimalist
  6. Have a garage sale
  7. Read books from when you were a kid and share them with your kids
  8. Do a virtual tour of a popular location or museum
  9. Have a family movie night
  10. Play an AR game like Pokémon go together
  11. Go to a free library program together
Woman browsing for free online activities in a cafe

Online activity ideas

  1. Browse minimalism inspiration on Pinterest or Instagram but don’t look at shopping accounts or posts
  2. Play an online game with friends or make some new friends
  3. Update your details on any social media, but especially Linkedin
  4. Organize your files or photos on your computer
  5. Unsubscribe from advertisement newsletters
  6. Leave comments on blogs you love
  7. Practice your digital photography and start an Instagram to go with it
  8. Research if there’s any lending libraries in your area and make note of what they offer
  9. Network on Twitter and find some people to follow that will inspire you
  10. Message a friend or make a new online friend
list showing 50+ things to do instead of shopping

Have fun doing these activities that don’t involve shopping! They’ll help you stay focused on your minimalism journey.

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