Baby Shower Gifts for a Daddy to be

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Baby showers aren’t just about the mom to be anymore. More and more they’re becoming co-ed, which means you’re celebrating with both parents. After all, it’s going to take both of them to raise that new little human! These baby shower gifts are perfect for a daddy to be.

Now that dads are getting more involved there’s also less out there that is geared for them. Most mainstream baby gifts are still prioritizing female parents or they’re simply neutral items that babies need and aren’t for the parents at all. It’s also nice to have male-centric gift ideas for dads to be so that there’s more options for gay and queer masculine couples out there.

Baby shower gifts for a daddy to be are also a great alternative to a generic diaper raffle!

Daddy to be Baby Gifts That Men Will Love

Besides the gift ideas on this list, baby essentials and clothes also make great baby shower gift ideas. Diapers are especially handy, but bath supplies, clothes, and other baby gear are great too.

I really wanted to find male baby gifts that didn’t infantize the dads, too. While I think those things can be funny for the right people/situation/sense of humour, overall gifts that assume new fathers can’t care for their children help perpetuate harmful stereotypes. Parenting isn’t just for mom; dads should be an equal partner in raising their children!

daddy's diaper duty apron gift

Daddy’s Diaper Duty Apron

Diaper changing is serious business, but fun little gifts like this one make it a bit more fun. It’s also handy – all the diapering supplies can fit into the apron’s pockets for easy diaper changing anywhere in the house.

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baby shower gifts for daddy to be Made for Me Board book

Made for Me Board Book

Books are always nice baby shower gifts for a daddy to be, especially ones about “daddy and me” type stories. This one is really cute!

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baby butt paste tube with applicator

Butt Paste

Useful, but also funny to give to dads. It even comes with an applicator! (Yes, the applicator is called a “butt brush”, thanks for asking.)

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Double Sided Decision Making Coin for mom and dad

Baby Care Coin Flip

Who’s turn is it to change the baby? The parents to be can settle all arguments with a coin flip like mature adults. Seriously though, this can help add some fun and relieve tension during those difficult early newborn stages.

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Diaper Bag Backpack and Changing Pad

Diaper Bag Backpack

Diaper bags are a must have for all new parents, but so many of them are designed for women. This backpack has all the handy compartments you could want to organize all of baby’s gear, and it’s masculine too.

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tomee tipee bottle feeding solution for dad to be

Complete Newborn Baby Bottle Feeding Set

If you’re bottle feeding or dad will be feeding a breastfed baby some of the time baby bottles are a must. This complete set has everything you need to feed a newborn.

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First-Time Dad Journal

First-Time Dad Journal

Having a baby is an important part of anyone’s life, and men are often left out of the emotional conversations. A guided journal like this one is a great way to document those early years and feelings he gets with being a first-time dad.

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dad to be gift basket

New Dad Gift Set

New babies are always stressful for everyone involved. Give a daddy to be some essentials to make the most of the sparse relaxation time he’ll be getting once baby is born.

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if you can read this bring my daddy a beer white baby socks

If You Can Read This… Baby Socks

So cute! These socks are a parody of the adult sized socks. It would be funny to gift them along with a case of beer.

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baby wright shaped rattle

Buff Baby Rattle

Does baby hit the gym? Never too early to start! This cute baby rattle is perfect baby shower gift for a daddy to be who likes to work out.

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What to Expect the First Year paperback book

What to Expect the First Year

This is basically required reading for new parents. It breaks down baby’s first year month by month including milestones and parenting advice.

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kick it with dad baby onesie

Kick it With my Dad Baby Onesie

Who doesn’t love a cute baby onesie? There are quite a lot out there depending on dad’s interests and sense of humour, but this one is pretty generic so most dads to be will love it.

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Ultrasound Photo Frame

It seems like most keepsakes are directed at women, so I absolutely love this dad-version of the classic ultra sound photo frame. He can put it on his desk at work!

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Knock Knock How to Traumatize Your Children book

How to Traumatize Your Children Parenting Book

It’s pretty easy to mess up your children, so if you want to give a dad to be the ultimate book of what not to do this is it. Perfect for anyone with a sense of humour.

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funny baby bibs

Funny Baby Bibs

Baby bibs fall under the “essential” list of things you need to get when you’re expecting. But who says they can’t be fun too?

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Colic and Fever Rescue Kit

Colic and Fever Rescue Kit

Dad will appreciate this gift during those sleepless nights with a sick or colicky baby. One mat can be chilled to help reduce fevers, the other warmed to soothe a colicky baby. I wish they had these when my babies were little!

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ergo baby carrier for men

Baby Carrier

I’m a big fan of baby carriers; they make life so much easier! Get dad one that’s comfortable for him to wear and safe for baby. Personally, I like the Ergo brand carriers, but there are a lot of options (including wraps) out there that are perfect for babywearing dads.

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experimenting with babies book Amazing Science Projects You Can Perform on Your Kid

Experimenting With Babies Book

This book is an interesting approach to parenting education. It has science experiments, organized by age, that you can do with a baby. The experiments are designed to help you better understand your baby’s growth and development.

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grey shirt with black writing that says baby daddy

Baby Daddy Shirt

Just in case there’s any question! Any funny dad shirt would be a great baby shower gift idea… Get him started on the silly shirts now, it’s basically a rite of passage to become a dad.

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back seat car mirror

Car Mirror

Mirrors are handy in cars, especially when baby is rear facing and you can’t see them from the front seat. Make sure dad has one for his car too!

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white Newbalance dad shoes make a funny, but also practical, gift for a dad to be

Dad Shoes

OK OK this one is a bit of a meme, but it would make a funny and thoughtful baby shower gift for a new dad. These white Newbalances can start of as his trusty dad shoes, and one day they might even be used for mowing the lawn.

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dimmable light switches

Smart Dimmer Set

Isn’t technology handy these days? Help dad upgrade the lighting in the house to make it more baby-friendly. No more getting up to dim the lights when baby has finally fallen asleep.

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go the F to sleep book

Go the F**k to Sleep

A modern classic, this book is meant for the parents and not their kids. It’s funny, accurate, and can soothe you even when your baby or toddler absolutely will not go the f to sleep.

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