The Best $50 Unisex Gift Ideas

by | Dec 1, 2022

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If you’ve been invited to a gift exchange, secret Santa, or just want to have some great $50 unisex gifts on hand that everyone will love I hope these ideas will help! I know how tough it can be to buy something that both men and women will want and appreciate, especially in the fifty dollar price range.

As someone who loves giving gifts, I wanted to share my go-to options that are perfect for family members, coworkers, clients, and anyone else on your Christmas or other special occasion list.

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Creative Unisex Gift Ideas That Cost Around $50

A note about prices: I did my best to choose gifts that you should consistently find priced around $50, but sometimes prices can change. If the linked item has gone up in price try searching for it from another seller. Some things may be on sale for a cheaper price too. Score!

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HENCKELS Razor-Sharp Steak Knife Set of 8, German Engineered Informed by 100+ Years of Mastery,Black
Maybe I’m just speaking for myself here, but I feel like good steak knives aren’t something most folks prioritize, yet it’s a gift idea they will definitely appreciate. This $50 set of 8 Henckels is one of my favourite unisex gift ideas for a holiday, gift exchange, or housewarming.
Assorted Irish Foods
You can’t go wrong with food to delight almost any gift recipient! There are so many gift baskets out there, but I like to choose something unique that they wouldn’t have had the chance to try otherwise, like this Irish snack gift basket.
Bartender Kit
The hit of your next gift exchange or the perfect gift idea for adult friends who want to up their cocktail game! This set comes with everything you need to get started with hobby bartending, including some super cute cocktail cards.
Lantern Bluetooth Speakers
This set of two speakers is perfect for backyard entertaining. I love how they look like little fire-lit lanterns. The handle makes it easy to carry or hang up, and the light actually flickers like a real lantern. If you’re wondering yes, you can pair these together to spread the music throughout the yard. A set of 2 for $50 isn’t a bad deal, especially when it comes to unisex gift ideas!
Nice Water Bottle (or Travel Mug)
There are so many different styles of stainless steel water bottles or travel mugs that you can choose from in the $50 range. Personally, I like the Hydroflask bottles because of the quality, myself. Choose a gender-neutral colour like green, grey, or black for an instant hit!
Serving Board Set
This is another gift idea that is a bit generic, at least in the sense that you can swap it out with a similar option of your choice. With charcuterie being as popular as it is right now, though, I love this set as a gift idea.
Food Dehydrator
OK, realistically any $50 small appliance would make a great unisex gift, but then you run the risk of doubling up something they already have. Chances are most folks don’t have a food dehydrator at home, though! This little appliance can make all kinds of tasty treats including dehydrated fruit, homemade jerky, and dried spices.
Jelly of the Month Gift Set
No, it’s not a subscription, just a gift box that gives you 12 different jellies… One for every month! What a fun way to try a bunch of new spreads.
Board Game
There are so many board games in the $50 range that would be perfect unisex gift ideas! This one is a good example, it’s Trivial Pursuit Harry Potter edition. AKA a great gift idea for millennials.
Indoor Hydroponics Growing System
If you’re not familiar with these handy indoor gardens just know it’s a wonderful gift idea for anyone who likes to garden or cook. Designed for the kitchen, you don’t need a greenhouse or backyard to grow herbs and basic vegetables that you can enjoy year-round.
Smart Speaker
You can usually get an entry-level smart speaker from any of the popular brands (like Amazon or Google) for around $50. Again, this is a great gift for someone you don’t know well because it’s practical if they don’t have one, and still usable (just in a different room) for someone who already does.
Travel Backpacks
Most people find backpacks practical, even if they don’t commute to work or travel frequently. I really like this one because it can protect your laptop and has a bunch of handy pockets. The USB charger is by far the coolest feature, though. You’ll need to hook up your own power bank to it, but it’s super handy to have on the outside of a backpack!
Wearable Blanket
Snuggie or similar style wearable blankets are perfect gifts for literally anyone. Already unisex and one-size-fits-all, this comfy gift is costs about $50; perfect for an office party!
Eye Massager
These wearable eye massagers are super popular right now! It applies heat to the face to help you relax. Plus there’s a built in bluetooth speaker. Great for relaxing, especially for someone who has a lot of eye strain or tension.
Moroccanoil Treatment
While it is a unisex gift, this one will be limited to folks who have hair. Ideally long hair, since it’s a great combination of hair treatment and body wash.
Meat and Cheese Gift Set
More food gifts, and another great option for someone who has everything. This assortment of meat, cheese, and nuts is one of those ideal unisex holiday gifts for coworkers and clients, or even your snacky family and friends.
Wine Opener Set
This is another great unisex gift idea for adults that runs about $50 – a wine opener set. It’s more than just a bottle opener, though. The electric opener makes it easy to uncork most bottles of wine, and the dispenser aerates as it pours.
DVD or Bluray Box Set
OK, maybe they don’t want the set of Indiana Jones on DVD, but there are so many great DVD and Bluray box sets out there for around $50 that make great unisex gift ideas!
Tea or Coffee Gift Set
This is another one of my go to gifts for folks I don’t know well or who have everything. Find out if they drink coffee or tea, and then gift an assortment of gourmet options. They’ll love (and actually use) it!

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