Stunning Handmade Finds That Are Perfect Christmas Gifts

Stunning Handmade Finds That Are Perfect Christmas Gifts

I’m a big fan of handmade gifts, especially when it comes to giving Christmas presents. I am not a fan, on the other hand, of making those handmade gifts myself. That’s where websites like Etsy come in – I can choose some stunning handmade finds to give and not do any of the work myself.

Of course, finding the perfect gift still takes work – which is why I thought I’d share some of my favourite handmade finds I’ve come across recently. They’d make great holiday gifts (a few are Christmas themed) but most would be good for any time of the year too.

My Favourite Handmade Holiday Gift Ideas

I also tried to pick a range of items and a few that would be good for almost anyone so you can find something for even the hardest to shop for (or less well known) people on your list.

Farmhouse Turkish Blanket

They’re technically farmhouse style but I think these Turkish blankets would look great in almost anyone’s home. And who doesn’t need a new throw blanket at the start of winter?

Flower Lady Candle

Aren’t these gorgeous? I’d probably have a hard time burning them – but they’re meant to be decorative so I guess that’s kind of the point. Scoop one or a few up for a beautiful handmade gift.

Family Birthstone Necklace

You can’t go wrong with personalized stuff especially when it’s for someone who’s hard to shop for like your wife, mom, or grandma. These necklaces can be customized with birthstones from everyone in your family (think kids and grandkids). The only downside is you’ll need to know everyone’s birth months to pull it off.

Custom Christmas Ornament

You can’t have Christmas gifts without suggesting a Christmas ornament! Handmade ones are really cute gift ideas, especially for someone newly married or with a new baby.

Troyan Green Glazed Palo Santo Burner

This incense burner was too stunning to skip for this list. For anyone who enjoys burning incense this likely a major (and stylish) upgrade to their existing set up. Give it with some new incense to burn too!

Multicolor Dangle Earrings

These wonderful earrings were actually an Etsy design award finalist and it’s pretty easy to see why. Love that they’re bright and colourful, but also mismatched – a perfect gift for someone with a unique sense of style.

Christmas Morning Candle

Nothing smells as good as Christmas morning but this handmade scented candle gets pretty close. Of course this is just one option, you can get any type of candle (scented or otherwise) that you think they’ll like best.

Stag Candle Snuffer

Alongside the candle give a candle snuffer too! Not just any one, though; something beautiful like this stag head snuffer. Perfect for the classy friend or loved one.

Holiday Scrunchies

These are super cute for kids and adults who like to wear scrunchies. Maybe a stocking stuffer idea?

Personalized Walnut Sign

Personalized signs are lovely gifts for couples and families if they don’t already have one. I love the way they used live edge walnut to make this handcrafted one and the carving looks way nicer than stencils or vinyl writing.

Natural Moss Hand Cut Gemstone Ring

These natural gemstones are all the rage right now and frankly I think they’re gorgeous. If you’re looking to surprise a loved one (maybe your wife or girlfriend?) with a fashionable ring this is a lovely option to wrap up under the tree.

Toaster Magnet

This little toaster magnet really works! (Kinda.) The little toast pieces actually come out for a super cute fridge magnet that’s fun to play with too. It would be a fun stocking stuffer or gift for your quirky friend!

Clay Christmas Red Elf

Inspired by the traditional Scandinavian red Christmas elf, these tiny clay elves are super cute additions to your Christmas gift giving. I love that they’re all unique since they’re handmade!

Macrame Coaster Set

Who knew macrame was going to come back in style the way it has? Anyway, these coasters are super cute for a boho vibe. I love the muted tones and the fringes around the edge. Tip: If they like to entertain get a couple sets!

Farmhouse Christmas Sign

I love me a cute Christmas sign! This one has a sweet Christmas Eve theme saying but there are so many styles out there that I’m sure you’ll find the perfect fit for someone on your shopping list too.

Pottery and Driftwood Spoon

I just love the way these spoons look! Handmade from driftwood and pottery, they’re stunning as a decoration or stylish spoon for dry goods.

Natural Linen Tablecloth

Natural linen tablecloths are probably my favourite way to dress up a table for Christmas dinner – but they’re versatile for all kinds of intimate dining occasions too. Make the holidays brighter for someone on your list by gifting them a new stylish tablecloth like this one.

Sheep Skin Slippers

It’s the start of winter and that means slipper season! Skip the store bought options and choose something handmade like this pair. They’re made of real sheep skin for natural warmth!

Handmade Pottery Mug

The look of handmade pottery mugs is absolutely gorgeous but they’re even better when cute designs are added. Trendy and stylish – gift it on its own or with some hot chocolate, tea, or coffee.

Self Care Gift Set

We love an easy gift idea! filled with a variety of handmade self care items this set is ready to gift to make the holidays magic. If you’re far away you can also have it sent to someone too!

I think these handmade finds are some real treasures for the holiday season and I hope you do too! Need more ideas? Check out Etsy’s “Editor’s Pick” section for Christmas – I found so many cute things on there for the holidays already!

Christmas Themed Drinks and Cocktails

Christmas Themed Drinks and Cocktails

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, Christmas! Time to bring out those decorations and start planning those festive meals. Personally, I feel no meal is really complete without some tasty Christmas themed drinks and cocktails (or mocktails).

Let’s be real Christmas can be such a stressful time! With those endless to do lists before the big day and the many shopping trips for gifts. One thing is for sure everyone could use one (or five) of these cocktails to sip on while enjoying their big feast or watching the kids tear apart the house playing with their new toys.

Never fear trying to figure out what drinks to serve, I’ve gathered a list of fantastic drink options that are sure to impress everyone who attends your Christmas this year, or for you to just enjoy after everyone has gone home.

Selecting Your Drinks

Whether you enjoy a warm, cold, or boozy drink this list has something for everyone to enjoy this Christmas season! If you are hosting a dinner, it’s always important to make sure you have a few options for your guests. I like to include a few options when having guests over, ensuring I have a mocktail on hand for those not drinking or are underaged.

Including a hot beverage to have with dessert is always nice as well, I’m personally a sucker for anything with eggnog in it and can’t wait to try a few of the boozy eggnog recipes off this list this Christmas. Check out these delicious Christmas drinks below to find some inspiration for this holiday season. Happy Sippin!

Christmas Themed Drinks and Cocktails

I hope you were able to find a few drinks that suite you. Let us know what drinks you made and how they turned out by dropping a comment below! Happy Holidays everyone!

Salads to serve with Christmas Dinner

Salads to serve with Christmas Dinner

Christmas dinner is known for its turkey and tons of delicious side dishes. What you often don’t see at Christmas dinner is a nice salad, hey maybe you do serve a salad, but I can say I’ve hardly ever even thought to have one with Christmas dinner. There are surprisingly tons of different options that would work perfectly with Christmas dinner this year.

Cold salads, warm salad, all vegetable salads, and ones with nuts and cranberries! The possibilities are really endless with salad options. Check out these salads to serve with Christmas dinner recipes below for ideas!

Christmas Dinner Salads

Whether you enjoy a classic salad or something totally unique I have put together the perfect selection that is sure to have something for everyone this holiday season. Personally, I’m loving the sound of the walnut and cranberry salads!

The tartness of the cranberries and the crunchy walnuts just sound so delicious to me, not to mention how festive they look! Like I said before salads to me are not something I often do but after putting together this list I’m for sure adding one or two to my menu this Christmas. Hopefully you will find something that will inspire you to add to your menu as well!

So, get looking at these salad recipes and find the perfect one today.

Salads to serve with Christmas Dinner

I hope you found a couple salads that will go with your menu this season. honestly, I’m not sure how anyone could pick just one! I’m definitely going to be making a few of these this season and I’m really excited to add a healthy touch to dinner this year. Drop a comment below what salad recipes you picked and how they turned out! Happy Holidays!

Side Dishes for Christmas Dinner

Side Dishes for Christmas Dinner

Christmas will be here before we know it. Time to start planning your big Christmas dinner! We all know turkey will be on the menu but what about the side dishes for Christmas dinner? They are extremely important after all. If you are like me, you are always wanting to find the next best recipe that will be a showstopper at dinner but also ensuring you have something for everyone.

I’ve gathered many different options to help you get inspired this Christmas season. Check out these side dishes for Christmas dinner below and get cooking!

Selecting Perfect Side Dishes

Meat, salads, maybe some potatoes. The options are endless! How do you know what sides will work best this holiday season for you? I start off by thinking who is going to be there. Do I have any vegetarians coming, those who have allergies, and will there be kids (we all know kids can be super picky!). Having the right-side dishes based on who is coming will make everyone feel more welcomed at dinner time.

That’s why I tried to include every type of side dish you would need in this list of recipes. From roasted sweet potatoes to amazing vegetarian options and some fun creative ones even kids will be excited to try. Find the perfect side dishes for your Christmas dinner today! Happy cooking!

Side Dishes for Christmas Dinner

Did you find a side dish that screamed perfect for your Christmas dinner? Honestly, reading these recipes made me hungry! I’m going to be cooking up a storm this Christmas trying out a bunch of these and I can’t wait to see everyone’s reaction to them. Please leave a comment below to let us know what side dishes you ended up selecting and how they turned out this Christmas season. Happy Holidays!

Christmas Red Truck Decor Ideas

Christmas Red Truck Decor Ideas

The Christmas red truck decor has become a farmhouse staple recently, and it’s easy to see why. It’s a vintage red truck that’s usually carrying a Christmas tree or two in the truck bed. It’s a cute way to add some vintage charm to your winter and holiday decorating.

Whether you want to add a few accents to existing décor or completely theme your decorating with the red Christmas truck, we’ve got you covered. There are so many cute decorations out there! They also make great gift ideas for family and friends.

Holiday Themed Christmas Red Truck Decor Ideas

Little Red Truck Christmas Decor with two Mini Christmas Trees

Little Red Truck Christmas Decor with 2 Mini Christmas Trees and LED String Lights

This cute little truck is perfect for tabletop decor on top of the mantle. The battery operated mini LED lights are a great touch!

See it on Amazon

Christmas Tree Farmhouse Truck String Lights Decoration

Christmas Tree Farmhouse Red Truck String Lights Decoration

String lights are a great way to add some colour and brightness to your holiday decorating. These ones are made to be used indoors and are perfect for adding to your centerpiece, hanging on the mantle, or stringing up with other Christmas decorations.

See it on Amazon

Merry Christmasx Red Truck Sign

This little handmade 8×8 wooden sign is a perfect little addition to your decorating. It can be hung or set on a shelf!

See it on Etsy

Nantucket Christmas Holiday Napkin Rings

Nantucket Christmas Holiday Napkin Rings

These napkin rings would be perfect for your Christmas dinner table setting! It’s a set of 4, so might want to grab a couple of packs. They’d look great with these napkins!

See it on Amazon

classic red truck homemade Christmas stocking

Classic Red Truck Christmas Stocking

This handmade red Christmas truck stocking is so cute and would make the perfect addition to any home décor!

See it on Etsy

twelve Red Truck Christmas Tree Decoration Wooden Farmhouse Hanging Crafts

Red Truck Christmas Tree Ornaments

This set of ornaments has great variety, which I absolutely love. There’s a few red truck styles and then some other tree ornaments that compliment them. Perfect for a themed Christmas tree!

See it on Amazon

Personalized Christmas Sign, Red Truck Family Name Sign

Personalized Red Truck Christmas Sign

This sign is absolutely gorgeous. The font and red truck fit in perfectly with a farmhouse décor style, and the personalization is a nice touch.

See it on Etsy

Burlap and Plaid Tree Skirt Pickup Red Truck

Christmas Tree Skirt

This cute Christmas tree skirt combines classic Christmas and farmhouse elements. The main part looks like burlap, and the edges are buffalo check. Of course, there’s also a stitched red truck on it too!

See it on Amazon

Christmas truck banner

I like to hang banners like this on the fireplace mantle, but it would also look great over a window, or as an accent to other decorative pieces. I like that you can order custom lengths so your banner will always be the perfect size!

See it on Etsy

eight Foot Light up Santa in Red Vintage Truck Inflatable Decoration

Outdoor Inflatable Red Truck

Inflatable outdoor Christmas decorations are a great way to add some low-effort festivity to your yard or compliment existing light displays. Of course, this one is Christmas red truck themed too!

See it on Amazon

Merry Christmas antique red pick up truck with tree in back door mat

Merry Christmas Antique Pickup Truck Doormat

This makes a great accessory for any home. The antique truck with Christmas tree is super cute!

See it on Etsy

Merry Christmas wood block set with Christmas Red Truck as the middle block

Red Truck Merry Christmas Wood Block Shelf Sitter

Shelf sitters are always in style, but this one is especially cute for Christmas. I like how durable and versatile they can be for decorating! Place it tabletop, on the mantle, or on a shelf.

See it on Etsy

Vintage Christmas Red Pickup Truck Decor Metal Truck Planter

Vintage Metal Red Truck

This one isn’t Christmas themed but you can easily make it that way. Since it’s plain, add in some mini Christmas trees or spruce trimmings. The best part is you can repurpose it for different holidays all year long.

See it on Amazon

Christmas Ceramic Night Light Red Truck with Christmas Tree

Ceramic Night Light

If you use night lights in your home it’s fun to change them out for the holidays. When plugged in, this ceramic red truck lights up to give off a soft glow. This would also be a great stocking stuffer idea.

See it on Amazon

christmas red truck decor LEGO Pickup Truck

LEGO Red Truck

If you like to decorate with LEGO (or are shopping for a Christmas gift for someone who does), this red truck LEGO set is absolutely perfect. It comes with pieces to change it out for each season, too.

See it on Amazon

Personalized Red Truck Christmas Ornament, Vintage Truck, Family Name Ornament, Rustic Christmas Tree

Personalized Red Truck Ornament

If you want a great Christmas red truck décor themed gift idea, I would recommend this one. The cute metal red trucks come customized with a family name. You can even pick the font!

See it on Etsy

Christmas Holiday Fresh Cut Christmas Trees Little Red Truck Window Clings

Fresh Cut Christmas Trees Window Clings

This set of window clings comes with a a red truck and some accessories like trees and signs. Great for a little extra holiday fun on a window or mirror, or give it to kids to decorate their rooms.

See it on Amazon

Newbridge Pine Hill Christmas Tree Farm Fabric red truck tablecloth

Red Truck Tablecloth

This tablecloth is perfect to dress up your farmhouse dining room table. It’s oversized, so it should fit even larger dining room sets.

See it on Amazon

Vintage Red Truck Christmas Decor with a Lit-up Removable Christmas Tree Wrapped Around by LED Lights String

Red Truck with Light up Christmas Tree

This Christmas red truck décor piece is similar to some of the other statue-type ones, except instead of the truck or lights illumining it instead has lights on the Christmas tree.

See it on Amazon

Vintage style ceramic truck carrying a Christmas tree in the back that can be painted

Bisque Truck Ready to Paint Christmas Ceramic Truck

Ceramic ornaments like this one are amazing if you’re going for a vintage vibe. This one is ready to paint, and even lights up when you’re done! It would be great on its own either for your own house or as a gift, or paint it and give it away finished.

See it on Etsy

Need more decor ideas? You may also like:

Hopefully you enjoyed this Christmas red truck decor ideas. It’s such a cute accessory for the holidays, and looks great in any home – especially farmhouse (or modern farmhouse) styles.