Ideas for Mother’s Day Dresses

by | Feb 27, 2022

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Mother’s Day is coming up! Since it’s a special day, it’s always nice to get a new outfit and find something for yourself that looks good. These ideas for Mother’s Day dresses are perfect to wear to brunch or family event and they’re perfect for the May weather!

These Mother’s Day dresses would also make great gift ideas for a mom, too. Especially the “mommy and me” sets for mom and babies!

Most of these dresses can easily be worn again all summer long, so now is a great time to splurge on yourself and get a new dress that you love!

There are two sections to this post: The first is dresses for women that would be super cute to wear to a Mother’s Day event. The second are mommy and me pairs, with a dress for mom and either a matching dress for a daughter or multiple matching options for boys, girls, and babies.

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I also tried to pick flattering dresses for Mother’s Day because let’s be honest – having a baby changes your body. While I personally don’t think that moms should be self conscious of their post baby bodies, I know that it’s still a struggle for many women.

Hopefully you can find some dress ideas that don’t just look great on you, but make you feel good too!

Mother’s Day Dresses for Women

Spaghetti Strap red coloured womens summer dress

Halife Womens Summer Dress

This spaghetti strap sundress is perfect for the start of summer. If Mother’s Day is a warm weather affair where you live, it can be a perfect excuse to dress up summery after months of warmer clothes.

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Fariry Womens Modest Teacher Midi Casual Dress with Pockets pink with white dots

Simier Fariry Womens Midi Casual Dres

I like this dress because it’s simple and comfy. There are t-shirt style sleeves, which is a bit warmer for celebrating outdoors.

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light blue Cocktail Ruffle Cap Sleeves women's summer dress

ECOWISH Elegant Ruffles Cap Sleeves Summer A-Line Midi Dress

I just love the ruffles! This would make a cute Easter dress too, but I really like it for Mother’s Day. Pretty and feminine, but still perfect for family time.

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pink Long Lantern Sleeve Square Neck Ruffle Elastic Waist dress

EXLURA Women Tie Back Dress

This tie back dress is a little bit extra. Just because it’s for a mom it doesn’t mean it can’t be youthful too. Short and pretty, it’s great for all kinds of Mother’s Day celebrations. The sizing goes up to 2xl, too!

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pink Vintage Women Tea Dress

Women Tea Dress Vintage Swing Cocktail Dress

Swing dresses have never gone out of style! If mom prefers a vintage look this dress is absolutely stunning.

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yellow Summer Boho Polka Dot Sleeveless

MITILLY Women’s Summer Boho Polka Dot Dress

This pretty polka dot dress is nice enough to wear somewhere a bit more formal, but still casual and comfy. There’s multiple colour options to choose from too.

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Women's Summer Short Sleeve Casual Pockets dress

levaca Women’s Short Sleeve Striped Casual Flowy Midi Belt Dress with Pockets

Mom can wear this striped dress all summer long, especially to the beach. It’s also cute as an option for Mother’s Day dresses, too, since it’s casual and trendy.

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black summer sleeveless casual dress

PIIRESO Women’s Summer Sleeveless Crew Neck T Shirt Dress

Even on Mother’s Day moms are usually the ones wrangling the kids. That’s why I love t-shirt dresses; they’re stretchy and comfortable, meaning a mom will have no problem moving around in this dress while still looking amazing.

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Flowy Casual Dress Swiss Dot

KIRUNDO Summer Women’s Short Sleeves Mini Dress

I think the polka dots on this dress and cute and really unique. It’s short and casual, perfect for Mother’s Day and then to wear again after too.

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Women's Vintage Tea Dress Prom Swing Cocktail dress

DRESSTELLS Women’s Vintage Tea Dress

So pretty! This is the classic vintage style dress that’s absolutely perfect for Mother’s Day brunch or dinner. As a bonus, it’s true to size and sizing goes up to 4xl.

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Women's Casual Halter Neck Sleeveless Floral long maxi dress green

PRETTYGARDEN Women’s Casual Halter Neck

Halter neck dresses always look sophisticated. This one is perfect for Mother’s Day events because it’s made of sundress material – and is super flattering too.

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Women's Floral Vintage Dress

Simple Flavor Women’s Floral Vintage Dress

This is another vintage style dress. The pleats are really cute on this short and fun dress. The longer sleeves are great if you’re spending time outdoors when those early May spring breezes are still hanging on.

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Women Boho Floral Print Casual Dress

BTFBM Women Boho Floral Print Casual Dress

Boho dresses are so pretty and fun! This one would be super comfy too since it’s a spandex blend.

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Mommy and Me Dress Ideas

Mother and Daughter Matching floral print dresses

Astellarie Mother and Daughter Matching Floral Print Dress

This mother and daughter matching set of dresses are so cute! The only difference is the little girl dress has a flower around the waist, giving it a more youthful look.

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Mommy and Me Dresses Sweet Floral Print

Mumetaz Mommy and Me Dresses Sweet Floral Print

The floral pattern on these dresses is so pretty. I also love the tied sleeves! It comes in adult, child, and baby sizes.

See it on Amazon

mommy and me dress with Floral Print Short Sleeve

PopReal Mommy and Me Dresses Boho Casual Maxi Dress

These boho style dresses have the same print but not the same style. Mom’s is a faux wrap design with short sleeves, while daughter’s dress is a simple sleeveless design with ruffled cap straps.

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mommy and me lemon printed dress

PopReal Mommy and Me Dresses Lemon Printed Spaghetti Straps V-Neck Beach Cami Dress

When life gives you lemons… Make matching lemon print dresses! These are so cute and I love that both the mom and daughter’s dresses are exactly the same. Cute if you want matching sundresses!

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Mommy and Me Animal Printed Sweatshirt Dress

YMING Mommy and Me Animal Printed Sweatshirt Dress

Where I am Mother’s Day weather can be unpredictable. If it’s chilly, this matching sweater dress pair would be perfect. Pair it with leggings!

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light blue Mommy and Me Matching Maxi Dress Sleeveless

IFFEI Matching Family Dresses Cotton Ruffle

This pretty ruffle dresses are in a trendy muted mint colour. Perfect for Mother’s Day family photos or just to have everyone matching. There’s other colour options too!

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Matching Family Outfits, Mommy and Me Denim Printed

Matching Family Outfits, Mommy and Me Denim Printed Dresses

Why can mom only match with the girls on Mother’s Day? This set has matching outfits for the whole family!

See it on Amazon

Mommy and Me Dresses Vintage Butterfly Floral Printed dress

PopReal Mommy and Me Dresses Vintage Butterfly

The halter neck on the dresses are really cute. They’d be comfortable enough to wear while wrangling kids, but so pretty for a mother-daughter Mother’s Day event.

See it on Amazon

Hopefully you found something great in these ideas for Mother’s Day dresses! Happy Mother’s Day!

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