Adorable Baby Boy Easter Outfits

by | Jan 25, 2022

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As a parent of three boys I know how tricky it can be to find clothes. It seems like there’s always a lot for girls, but not as much for boys out there. That’s why I wanted to put together this list of baby boy Easter outfits – they’re perfect for Easter dinner, church, family gatherings, or just to wear during the spring.

There are often cute clothes at stores like Gap, Gymboree, and the Children’s Place but I find the inventory changes so often at these places that it’s hard to curate lists. So not only are these some adorable Easter outfits for baby boys, you can also order them all online!

Our Favourite Easter Suits and Outfits for Baby Boys

Baby Boy My First Easter Outfit

My First Easter Outfit

The hat is so cute. Actually, the whole thing is adorable! It hits all the beats of a traditional boy’s Easter outfit while still being comfortable enough for a baby to wear all day.

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Bunny Baby Romper Long Ear Rabbit Hoodie Pajamas

Bunny Romper

This is so adorable I can’t handle it. Not only is this romper comfy and warm for little babies, it’s also available in a variety of muted colour options that are perfect for spring.

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Blue bunny easter suit for boys

Embroidered Blue Bunny Suit

This is just way too cute. I love how you can order it personalized with baby’s name. So cute for a first Easter with family or as a thoughtful gift idea.

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My First Easter Outfit

This simple outfit is comprised of a onesie, pants, and a hat…with ears! What makes it prefect for Easter, of course, is that it says “my first Easter” and the pants have bunnies on them.

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Baby Boy Clothes Gentleman Bowtie Romper and Overalls Suspenders

Baby’s Gentlemen Suit

This shorts, onesie, and suspenders ensemble is just too cute. Inspired by gentlemen’s clothes, short overalls are classic baby boy Easter outfits. This one is also comfy for baby, too.

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my first easter casual boys outfit

My First 1st Easter

This outfit is more casual and cool looking, perfect for a stylish baby boy on his first Easter! Oh, and look at the hat!

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overalls blue with carrot car

Mud Pie baby-boys Mud Pie Bunny Truck

Gingham rompers like this are totally southern style and very in for the Easter season. The cute truck full of carrots is super cute too.

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Bow Tie Overalls Clothes Set plaid shirt for boys

Plaid Shirt/Shorts Set

I think it’s a crime that more people don’t wear pink on their boys. This outfit is so cute – your baby boy can look like a little gentlemen with his collared shirt, suspenders, shorts, and bow tie.

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Babys Bunny Costume One Piece

Baby’s Bunny Costume One Piece

Cute and stylish, this Easter bunny costume is the perfect outfit for hunting eggs!

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Baby carrot romper boho style

Boho Style Carrots Romper

If you prefer subtle colours and more muted designs this outfit is an adorable option for your baby boy. Pair it with a coordinating sweater for cool weather.

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My First Easter Romper and Rabbit Cardigan

First Easter Cardigan

I love that the onesie is made to look like a cardigan, complete with a bow tie. So cute!

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gentleman clothing set with carrot pants

Infant Little Gentleman Clothes Set

This super cute little gentle clothing set is to die for. It’s just too cute not to include! I love the carrot print bow tie and pants!

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twill baby suit with a hat

Baby’s “Twill” Suit

It might be made of soft cotton but this adorable suit is designed to look like a vintage twill men’s suit. Everything about it is so perfect – right down to the hat!

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baby sized bunny jumpsuit

Bunny Jumpsuit

If you want something comfortable, easy, and warm-weather compatible consider a romper. Of course, it wouldn’t be Easter without bunnies on everything!

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boys jean overall set

Jean Overall Set

If you want something that your baby boy can wear on more days than just Easter, go for something more casual like this outfit. You could pair it with some cute Easter accessories – but either way he’ll look so cute!

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Baby boy creme egg romper

Creme Egg Print Romper

The print on this adorable baby boy romper is inspired by Cadbury Creme eggs. It’s cute you could eat him up!

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show me the bunny tank with Cartoon Bunny Print Shorts

Show Me the Bunny Outfit

Get it? Baby won’t, be he can’t read so this is more for the parents. This casual outfit is perfect for a late spring Easter when it’s already warm.

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Layette Cardigan and Sweater Leggings Set

Cardigan Set

If the last one was for the warm Easters, this one’s for the chilly ones! Cardigans on babies are so cute and look at those elbow patches.

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seersucker baby romper

Easter Bunny Romper

Embroidery is a staple of southern style and this romper is so cute. The seersucker fabric is perfect for spring, too.

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Easter bunny is my homeboy black and white onesie

Easter Bunny is My Home Boy Onesie

Easter Bunny is my homeboy is a super cute onesie idea for Easter! You can dress it up with slacks and suspenders or put him in sweat pants for a casual look.

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light blue Jumpsuits Kid's Knitted Bunny Romper

Bunny Sweater Jumpsuit

Spring is usually chilly soon, especially for babies. While it’s not explicitly an Easter outfit, this knit bunny jumpsuit with a bunny on it would be adorable on a baby boy all spring long.

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Boys Seersucker Shortall Sets with Easter Bunny Appliques

Seersucker Shortalls

Available in three equally adorable colour options! These short overalls are perfect if you’re going for a vintage Easter look.

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blue Button Jumpsuit Sleeveless Backless Overalls

Backless Romper

This are cute on baby boys and girls, and come in a array of colour options. I like the muted tones (very in style right now) – but they’re also perfect little “formal” outfits for a baby to wear on Easter.

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Hope you enjoyed these super cute baby boy Easter outfits! MY baby boys turn 7 on Easter this year – but I still remember when they were able to wear all this adorable stuff. Enjoy it while you can!

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